Accelerate Project Development


Accelerate Project Development

Smarter Motion Solutions

Iris Dynamics’ unique motor geometry, combined with our proprietary software, allows our motors to generate linear force throughout the entire stroke without any of the cogging or grain that plagues other motors. All our motors are fully back driveable. Our onboard sensing and control algorithms allow the motors to move with very high levels of precision in position and velocity.

Our software enables our motors to do amazing things. Feed-forward control algorithms running on our hardware allow for ultra low-latency control loop times.

Windows App

Our Windows App allows you to go from unboxing to first motion on day one by directly connecting to our motors or controllers via a USB connection. The app simplifies debugging and can be used to manually move the motors. Visit our downloads page to learn more.

SDK & Communications Libraries

SDKs available for our Arduino based controllers to help develop applications using our motors as input devices and to play motion effects including vibration, damping, and spring centering. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We are always expanding our collection of libraries, please Contact Us today to talk to our knowledgeable team about your application. 

6-DoF Platform Model

With sub-millisecond control loop times, our motors are ideal for VR motion platform applications. We sell 6-DoF motion platform kits that include motors, controllers, and software. Looking to develop your own hardware but need help with software? Contact Us today and ask about our kinematic modeling software!


Our wiki is always being updated to include the latest documentation supporting our APIs and SDKs to accelerate developing with our motors and controllers.

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