About Us

Iris Dynamics Ltd. is a technology business based in Victoria, British Columbia that develops and manufactures efficient intelligent linear electric motors

Our force-controlled motors are in use across many industries including aerospace, mining, industrial automation, and VR simulation and entertainment.

Iris’s technology provides high efficiency, superior positioning performance, precise force-control, installation simplification, industrial ruggedness, and high lifetime.

Our team of skilled application engineers and sales professionals look forward to helping you bring idea to reality.

Our products are all manufactured at our facility in Victoria, British Columbia. When possible, we source our components from North American suppliers.

Our Story


Iris Dynamics Ltd. is born! Always located in Victoria BC, Iris was created to bring innovation to the aviation training industry.

KickStarter Campaign
A flight control yoke.

A successful KickStarter campaign helps launch The Dragonfly™ Flight Yoke, our first product.

Developing Standard Products

Our motors were used to bring more immersion to the steering system of the bobsled experience at the Richmond Speedskating Oval. Check out the video about the ride here.


Focus moves away from consumer products to B2B sales of our smart linear motors.

Core Technology Matures

Our innovative motor technology matures as we develop and launch our first standard product, the DCA Series linear electric motor.

B2B Sales Grow

Our first major deployment of standard motors in a theme park attraction.

Orca Series Launch
A render of the Orca Series motor revealing the control board and copper coils.

The Orca™ Series intelligent linear electric motor officially launches with applications in industrial automation, VR and training, aerospace and defence, and more.

Some of Our Clients


We are the advanced motion control systems innovator that provides the highest precision force feedback and control loading linear motor systems for vehicles, training, fixed location entertainment, factory automation, robotics, and remote control. Our equipment, like our business, is built with rugged honesty and integrity.


To transform how machines and humans interact and to bridge the physical gap between muscle and motor with smarter linear motors.

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